Let Me In, the debut single from all-new St Helen’s indie band Stillia, starts off with heavy studio guitar riffs and a strong instrumental turn into indie soft rock vocals; think of Catfish and the Bottlemen thrown in with a bit of Blossoms? That’s Stillia.

The indie guitar riffs sound mature, and the recognisable heavy Northern / Mersey accent pays homage to the typical sounds of the North.

The lead singer’s lyrics – “And I’ll show you exactly what you’re missing” – get frequent throughout like one long chorus, but does not disappoint.

A comical side to the song is shown in the bands’ music video, which includes Stillia’s friend, actor Johnny Vegas, worshipping the band and even kidnapping the lead singer at the end.

Record Label: Beautiful Noise/ MUK Records

Hayleigh Chamberlain

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