Manchester-based group Beach Royals’ debut EP contains a sound that alternates between Mancunian legends Stone Roses in its spacey, psychedelic moments and the slew of ‘indie’ bands which were prominent during the mid-to-late 2000s in its other moments. Their music is recognisable to the fans of alternative rock in decades past.

Aural space is aplenty in songs such as opening number Beach Fatigue and closing piece Berlin (The Finer Things in Life).

Fans of ambient music would find reason to enjoy this EP as it caters to rockers and chilled minds alike.

Heaps of reverb throughout the album spin a web of pleasant sound, typical of a band from the Manchester music scene where sound-enhancing drugs are handed out in gift bags at children’s birthday parties along with the customary slices of cake and uninflated balloons.

There are the two rock-centred compositions to be found sandwiched in the middle, with Fairweather and Getting There balancing out the collection with radio-friendly music fit for mass consumption.

Getting There is steered more towards the crowd who feel nostalgic for the indie music of yesteryear, as it seems directly shifted from the so-called ‘noughties’ era.

Trap Door Music is not a ground-breaking release, but it is a solid start that can still delight and entertain.

Trap Door Music by Beach Royals is available to stream or download for free from their Bandcamp page. 

Self-released record.

George Pickering

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