Tom Welsh spoke to Josey Marina about the new single and her plans for the future…

 How did HEAVY come about, and what was the inspiration for the song?

“I wrote the lyrics to HEAVY in my hotel room in Thailand.  It’s an amalgamation of some of the things I saw and thoughts I had whilst over there.

I’m intrigued by the atmosphere of hotel rooms – places where people come and go constantly, sleeping in the same bed, filling one room with so many dreams.

Obviously the country itself inspired me too.  In Chiang Mai, all the telephone wires were incredibly tangled above the streets and, whilst feeling kinda sorry for whoever has to maintain them, I find their lack of order quite beautiful.

The intense weather also plays a central role in the song – we went to Thailand in August, which is during the monsoon season, so it was extremely humid and there was a lot of rain.  When I first walked out on the balcony I was shocked by the weight of the air on my skin; I think that feeling was what motivated me to pick up my pen and start writing.”

Josey Marina (Photo credit: Florian Cats)

What influenced the sound of the single, and how did it evolve from the sparse piano demo you posted on SoundCloud?

“I wrote the bones of HEAVY over a year ago so have played it live quite a bit, allowing me to polish it structurally and melodically.

I’ve actually had some problems with my vocal health for the past couple of years, so this contributed to me choosing to sing it in a classical style, as it’s better for the vocal chords.

I wanted to create a sonic documentation of the frantic storm I was singing about so chose to add distorted guitar and orchestral drums etc.”

Following a 2016 in which you released critically-lauded EP Violet Desires, as well as having your music featured in adverts, what does 2017 hold for you? Is HEAVY to be part of a new album?

“HEAVY is a stand alone single; I feel like it follows on nicely from Violet Desires and is a strong song to be put out on its own.

I’m actually currently working on an electronic album which is inspired by some of my favourite science-fiction art such as The Fifth Element, Vurt, Beyond The Black Rainbow. The first single from that should be out in April and is a hypnotic, kinda trip-hop song.

I’m also working on a really exciting side project with Jack (Beech, producer) – it’s urban jazz, inspired by Manchester and a whole host of cool bands and poets.  Our first song is going very well at the minute so I’m hoping to take things further as a duo/band, alongside my own work.  It’s really exciting to write from scratch in the studio – a very different approach to what I’ve been used to.

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