Cheshire-based band Driftbox have followed up their well-received 2015 debut Mute Machines with this much-anticipated release, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Driftbox is one of those bands that you wouldn’t normally listen to until someone else recommends them and you fall in love with their sound. It doesn’t matter what style of music you are interested in, this band fits all of that through the ears.

With four tracks on the EP, it’s extremely hard to pick out just one which I prefer. The genres they have tagged are electronic music and rock, and I 100% agree with this and I even think it could fit into easy listening and calming music, as when I played these songs it sometimes felt like I had clicked play on the easy listening genre on iTunes.

Memory Blocks has quickly become one of the albums I have on repeat as I just can’t get enough of the calming music, as even when the guitar and drums kick in its still soothing.

Even though their songs are longer than the usual, with them lasting roughly 6 minutes a piece, it makes life so much easier to just space out to these tracks.

Listening to each individual song, the artists have clearly put their heart and souls into every track, making it so much more enjoyable to listen to, and the lead singer’s voice takes you into a completely different world from which to enjoy the trance of Driftbox.

Kirsty Moody

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