When we see artists on shows like the X Factor and The Voice, we just assume they will stay the same as when their journey begins. But how many times have you seen their first audition, and then on the live shows they look completely different?

It seems as if the artists are completely changing their style throughout their transition with these shows, but is it the artists’ choice or is it recommended they look a certain way?

Many hopefuls audition for the variety of shows, whether its X Factor, The Voice or Britain’s Got Talent, in the hope that someone will snap them up for a record deal.

I tend to watch these shows as a little bit of a chill-out time, but they also can be quite entertaining with comments from the judges.

There have been far too many times watching this show that from the initial auditions to the live shows, I’m left wondering – who is that?! When in fact it’s someone I loved from the initial auditions yet the styling and management team have completely changed the way they look!

This was noticed with Laura White from Atherton, Greater Manchester when she entered the fifth series of The X Factor in 2008. I loved her voice and I was slightly gutted when she was eliminated in the fifth week in a song off against Ruth.  However, I noticed her style significantly changed from her first audition.

I loved her first audition and how cool and calm she was, but her hair and outfit represented how adventurous she is.  However, when it got to the live shows this was gone.

Her hair was styled to represent the typical X Factor contestant.

I can’t be the only one to feel slightly annoyed by this.  I love the artists who just don’t care about the typical style and will just do whatever they want and want to show the world their own style.

I know musicians like to change up their style every now and again, especially when they’re in an industry which is controlled by fashion and keeping up to date with trends, but I’ve seen so many artists who have kept their own style but rocked the latest trends in their own way.

I think since Laura left The X Factor and has independently landed a record deal (yay finally), she’s shown her own style again.

Growing into a young woman, she has blossomed and is showing a new side to herself, with a new hair style that only she can pull off – it makes me wonder what would we have seen from Laura if she had kept up her crazy original style all the way through The X Factor?  How would she look now, but also would she still be the only singer who was mentioned in parliament due to her exit from The X Factor?

I just wish shows like The X Factor, The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent, didn’t try and change the style of the artists. What happened to it all about being about the talent?

Kirsty Moody

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