Vintage chain store COW in Liverpool had its very own one-of-a-kind gig on Saturday April 1.

The store held a gig at Maguire’s Pizza Bar launch – the first for COW Liverpool after their opening in Summer 2016.

Bands featured at the gig were Man Doll, Astral Project and Rival Bones, whilst their main headliner for the evening was Mad Alice, an up-and-coming artist from Liverpool.  All bands were chosen specially by the store and all bands fit the style of COW vintage.

Emma Rosson, guitarist in Astral Project, who reside in Cheshire wrote on her Instagram from the night: “Just played the first ever @cowliverpool presents! So much fun and lots of pizza.”

The gig was launched as their way to bring fashion and music together, something the locals in Liverpool have a relation to, and to bring local talent to the eyes and ears of music lovers.

Promotion for the COW Liverpool gig was widespread throughout the creative ends of the city, with posters put up in and around Bold Street, where COW Liverpool is, Baltic Creative, and even around Penny Lane – an area well-known for local gigs.

Other COW stores around the country, such as COW London and COW Manchester, have done gigs like this before to showcase the talent in their own cities.

This was the first gig hosted by COW, and whilst no plans have been confirmed yet for another, the success of the debut COW Liverpool Presents show suggests it could be the start of something big.

Hayleigh Chamberlain

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