Are you a budding poet? Get yourself on the Manchester Writing Map!

Over at Sound, we love everything relating to music and lifestyle and we believe our lovely readers will be interested in this challenge.

There is a call for submissions for writers to submit their work all about Manchester to be added. We’re sure there’s plenty of you out there who could be the next John Cooper Clarke.

To submit your work for this amazing opportunity to get your work out there, you need to write a poem inspired by any physical location in the city, so it can literally be pinned on a map.

From established poets to those who have never published their work before, the website they have launched can also embed other types of media to support your poem.

You could also include an audio recording of you reading your poem, so you could always write your poem out to them but also have the spoken word if that’s what you prefer.

There is no fee available for the successful submissions, but your poems will be out there for you to gain recognition.

Are you interested?

Email your work over to in the body of the email with the postcode of your location and even an image to go along with it. Don’t forget to confirm the poem is your own and you allow them permission to repost!

Kirsty Moody

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